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No matter how complex or sizeable your environment is, space-saving is a critical operation in your warehouse. Why? Because it increases your business’s productivity and improves your profits when rolled out effectively.

Maximising the space, you have readily available means you have the option of allowing more stock onsite, as well as creating more efficient storage systems. Establishing these from the outset delivers a far more streamlined approach to locating and picking stock.

But managing your storage isn’t just about increasing the amount of stock your business is carrying. Rehauling your systems ultimately means you can also reduce your overheads, including:

  • Assessing whether all floor space leased is necessary;
  • General forklift wear and tear from unnecessary distance travelled;
  • Heating and lighting costs and other operational expenses. Powering any extra space, you may not actually need does add up.

So, here are some simple tips on getting the most out of the room you have available in your warehouse, allowing you to improve operations (and bottom line) across the board.

How the structuring of your aisles play a crucial role

Thanks to industry innovations, there are many ways you can adapt your warehouse’s aisles to utilise the room you have available.

Two easy-to-action options include:

  1. Over-aisle storage: use the space over the top of your aisles by adding beams above cross-aisles. These can then house your pallets.
  2. Consider narrowing your aisles: If you can make your aisles thinner, while still retaining a safe level of clearance for forklifts, this can generate room for more racks and stock. The narrower your aisles, the more space you will create. This can free up to 35 per cent more room for your workforce.

Note: This will reduce your operational speed, though, as forklifts need to travel more slowly down the narrow areas.

Implementing pallet racking systems

A quality pallet racking solution is also another critical way to make use of the space in your warehouse efficiently. Ultimately, these nifty innovations offer vertical storage options, freeing up areas for more extensive, potentially heavier materials.

Beyond their functionality, they’re also a safe option that’s built for absolute durability. Allowing for a long-term solution for your business, your warehouse can enjoy more organised stock and inventory levels.

Tip: A well designed and managed warehouse will use up to 80 per cent of its vertical space.

Doors and other aspects to keep in mind

While building storage systems across your floor will create plenty of space within your warehouse, utilising the areas above docking doors will also revamp your efficiencies. Perfect for housing various essentials, this space can be equipped with specially designed over-dock designs for storing pallets, cardboard boxes, stretch wrap and other materials.

But here’s a tip we bet you didn’t know: replacing the doors themselves can also allow for more room. Why? Because traditional overhead designs typically feature several jointed panels and a large rail system to retract them. This rail system can damage your ceiling, is expensive to fit and repair, and takes up lots of valuable space.

Combat this by installing compact sectional doors as an alternative. These are a far better alternative that you’ll wish you installed earlier.

For more advice on ways to improve your warehouse workflow and generate more space, contact Better Storage Systems on 1300 571 277.