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Pallet racking solutions are a great way to maximise the space in your warehouse and better manage your inventory. However, before you install these storage solutions, there are many factors to consider to ensure maximum efficiency and the right safety practices.

These are the primary considerations you will need to plan before installing new pallet racking solutions at your enterprise.

Knowledge of the space available

Understanding the precise dimensions of your site and the space available to you is the first necessary step before installing pallet racking. This may sound like common sense, but there are many variables to consider in this process.

Remember you are dealing with vertical space as well as floor space, so you need to know how high you can stack your pallet racking and ensure you have the proper machinery available to reach these higher levels.

Access points need to be considered, as well as emergency exits and the proper installation of safety requirements like fire mitigation devices and first aid kits. This all needs to be correctly mapped out before any shelving or racking installations.

Correct labelling

Every single component of your racking needs to be properly labelled with a weight rating.

This needs to be assessed and determined before installation, and these labels need to be applied while the racks are being installed to ensure safe operations.

These will be vital when it comes to racking and stacking your materials as overloading your racks can lead to significant consequences.

Proper rack inspection and maintenance

Before your system is assembled, every part will need to be meticulously inspected for safety purposes. Any damage, inconsistencies or incorrect parts can lead to major complications when installing your racking and can also lead to accidents that result in injuries or worse.

Safe and efficient site operations

Part of planning your storage solutions includes creating the pathways your workers will be using to access them. That means allowing proper clearance for machinery like forklifts, safe walking passages for staff and room for your machines to be able to turn around.

This also involves identifying any hazards that may be present, and ensuring the correct safety precautions are put in place to prevent them from causing harm.

Data management

Knowing what pallet racking you will require means having an in-depth understanding of the products that will be stored on them.

You will need to know the precise weight of these products, how many will need to be stored at once and all other metrics so you can choose the pallet racking solutions that will meet your needs.

Proper training

Often, you will have staff who will be using your system for the first time.

It is essential that they are adequately trained on the layout and operation of these products before they commence work.

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