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Cantilever Pallet Racking

Brisbane & Sydney’s First Class Cantilever Pallet Racking System Providers

Better Storage Systems holds a longstanding reputation amongst Brisbane and Sydney businesses for providing top quality storage solutions. Our highly skilled engineers and representatives have years of experience in providing businesses in both cities with first class storage solutions.

Whether it be long span shelving, mezzanine designs, pallet racking installation or something new and customised, we have long held our valued clienteles’ best interests close at heart and implement solutions that reflect this commitment.

We are proud suppliers of cantilever pallet racking systems. This is the ideal solution for storing over-sized or bulky goods. For example, plastic tubing, steel pipes, profiles, wooden planks, and large coils.

This solution can be provided single-faced or double-faced, and the rim length of either style is unlimited. Goods entering or taken can be realised both by hand or using forklift.

Cantilever Pallet Racking Characteristics

  • Location for oversize products
  • Shelves and storage trays
  • Divider pins
  • Wooden or plastic supports
  • Shelf overs made form chipboard or mesh panel
  • Bracing and struts for additional strength
  • Guards and end stops
  • Signs

We Design Layouts

Better Storage is renowned for its ability to design effective warehousing solutions. Our highly skilled engineering team has years of experience in creating safe and innovative solutions that are perfectly tailored to a diverse range of warehousing needs. We will happily come out to your location, inspect the space and design a winning layout for your business.

Contact Us for Design & Product Enquiries

The Better Storage team loves working alongside new warehouse managers, chatting about their space’s requirements and how our solutions can truly optimise the space they have. As such, if you are a business owner or warehouse manager who would like to discuss our state of the art products or first class layout design then simply get in contact with our friendly team of representatives.

We are committed to providing Brisbane and Sydney’s warehousing professionals with a top service standard, and will be more than happy to discuss our products, solutions or design service in order to help you decide on the perfect option for your location.

Send us an enquiry message via our contact page or call the team on 1300 571 277 and one of our reps will assist you with all of your storage solution enquiries.

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