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Selective Pallet Racking

Selective Pallet Racking commonly known as adjustable pallet racking, it can be serviced by virtually any type of lift trucks. Requiring a relatively low capital investment, it is ideal where flexibility, access and speed of operation are the main objectives of the system. Selective Pallet Racking can also be easily adjusted or relocated at any time.

Better Storage Systems has earned a reputation as an industry leader in the implementation of flexible pallet racking solutions for businesses in Brisbane, Sydney and beyond. We utilise our knowledge and wealth of experience to design and implement adjustable pallet racking systems that improve safety and efficiency in warehouse settings.


Selective Pallet Racking Characteristics

Adjustable pallet racking solutions hold a range of characteristics that make them an effective solution for a variety of warehousing needs.


  • Lowest cost solution
  • Individual access to all pallets to full warehouse height
  • Simple stock rotation
  • Easy beam adjustment to accommodate variable pallet heights
  • Compatibility with many handling equipment styles
  • Conventional floor tolerances for racks to 10 meters high
  • Ability to locate lower-lever pallets on the floor
  • Accessories available for every unit load type
  • Economical shelving beams may be added for low-level picking
  • High average locations used
  • 40 percent floor utilisation

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