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R 3000 Shelving

R3000 Modular Shelving Systems is the multi-functional shelving system for all storage tasks. The system offer frame system configurations for flexible bay-size adjustment.


  • Light to heave, small and medium-sized goods, bulky components, shelf-supported mezzanines.

Most Suitable For:

  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Automotive Spare Parts
  • Light to medium weight small items such as files, small boxes etc.


  • Adjustable steel shelves
  • Bolt-free frame system allow for rapid assembly and dismantling.
  • To max. 5000 kg per shelving bay
  • A wide range of accessories such as mesh or steel back and side panel, drawers units, and plastic containers
  • Multi-tier installations and shelf-supported mezzanines can also be added at later date

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