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R 3000 Shelving

Flexible Modular Shelving Systems for Dynamic Brisbane & Sydney Warehouses

Better Storage has a true passion for warehouse safety and efficiency. In modern warehousing, where maximising a space’s potential is imperative to success, we use our skills and industry knowledge to ensure Australia’s businesses are running smoothly and to their highest capability.

We believe that for a workplace to truly optimise its safety and efficiency it requires a cutting-edge pallet racking solution that ensures staff can access goods with ease.

As such, we are the supplier of Australia’s most advanced storage products and design solutions.

Our highly skilled and experienced engineers design new solutions for warehouses throughout Brisbane and Sydney. We work closely alongside worksite managers, developing layouts and implementing solutions that take business efficiency to new plateaus.

SSI SCHAEFER’s R3000 Modular Shelving Systems is the multi-functional shelving system for all storage tasks. The system offer frame system configurations for flexible bay-size adjustment.


Light to heave, small and medium-sized goods, bulky components, shelf-supported mezzanines.

Most Suitable For:

  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Automotive Spare Parts
  • Light to medium weight small items such as files, small boxes etc.


  • Adjustable steel shelves
  • Bolt-free frame system allow for rapid assembly and dismantling.
  • To max. 5000 kg per shelving bay
  • A wide range of accessories such as mesh or steel back and side panel, drawers units, and plastic containers
  • Multi-tier installations and shelf-supported mezzanines can also be added at later date

Contact Our Team to Find Out More About Our R3000 Modular Shelving

We will happily come out to your worksite and discuss your business’s warehousing requirements. We will survey your site, chat with you about our extensive product range as well as which solution will be most suitable for your business’s application. To our engineers, nothing is more important than assisting in ensuring a workplace’s safety and efficiency, so we will be happy to chat with you and see what we can do to assist with this imperative aspect of warehousing.

We understand that as a business owner you want the safest and most comprehensive storage solution for your worksite. As such, our team is always on hand to provide you with a level of service that ensures you will receive the best design and products for your worksite.

If you are a Brisbane or Sydney business manager who would like to find out more regarding our state of the art warehousing solutions then please feel free to get in contact with our friendly engineering team. We are committed to providing Australia’s business owners with an outstanding level of customer service and will be happy to discuss our extensive product range as well as our warehouse design service.

Fill out an enquiry message via our contact page or call the Better Storage team on 1300 571 277. We will be happy to discuss our products and services as well as what we can do to help ensure your business’s safe and efficient workflow.

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